Collaborators and certificates

A dedication to quality and safe food is essential for us, and we we have great systems in place to assure our quality, satisfying all Norwegian demands for certifications. Inka is certified according to British standard BRC. In addition we are HACCP approved and certified Kosher. Inka is also registered with the American FDA, US Food and Drug administration. This guarantees you that our products are of high standard.

We are concerned with development and effectivity. In cooperation with governments and our clients and suppliers, we continuously work on improving, assuring quality and developing new products. With top modern machinery from leading suppliers, experienced employees og effective solutions for production, we are very flexible when our customers need it. This allows us to produce more than 40 different products for world wide distribution.

Our largest client is Seaborn AS and approximately all of our production goes to them. The collaboration was established in 2006 and has grown steadily since the start. Seaborn, with headquarters in Bergen, Norway, is a salescompany co-owned by several fish farmers along the Norwegian coast. This gives customers a chance to observe the journey of the fish up close – from production to market.